Recombinant antibodies

Polyclonals & Oligoclonals: Alternatives to Monoclonals?
Recombinant antibodies · 06. November 2020
SYnAbs offers recombinant polyclonal antibodies production, oligoclonal and multiclonal antibody cocktails
HEK293: when the virus meets the cell
Recombinant antibodies · 06. October 2020
SYnabs HEK cell culture to produce viral vectors and recombinant proteins

CHO cell line. A 60-year-old story.
Recombinant antibodies · 03. August 2020
Working in his lab at the University of Colorado Medical School, Theodore was facing a serious issue. Since he successfully cloned HeLa cells in 1955, Theodore Puck had focused his attention on cytogenetic changes, but the high number and large size of human chromosomes didn't make his job any easier. Rodents were already in use in laboratories at that time, but could not help Puck. Mice have forty chromosomes. Rats have forty-two.
Bispecific Antibody: The Janus God Of Therapeutics?
Recombinant antibodies · 17. March 2020
With 85 molecules under development and 3 approvals to date, it seems that bispecific antibodies may be the novel therapeutic booming class on the market. Beyond the mechanistic advantages, bsAbs offer the possibility to combine in one single molecule the potential of two different antibodies without the related cost of two parallel development programs. But with the victory, comes the flip side of the coin. In fact, a pretty ancient coin.

The Future Of Therapeutic Antibodies Development
Recombinant antibodies · 25. February 2020
It is well known that the development of therapeutic molecules is a risky and highly expensive business in terms of direct and indirect costs (time and cost of capital).
More human than human is our motto
Recombinant antibodies · 19. February 2020
Many articles about antibodies refer to the term “humanization”. But what does humanization mean? What technical approaches are used to carry out such a process? What are the potential applications?

Hybridoma VS Display : The Fight Of The Century
Recombinant antibodies · 25. November 2019
Hybridoma technology VS Phage display technology to create a new monoclonal antibody of high affinity