Epigenetic antibodies

The histone H3 of certain tumors is methylated at the level of a lysine in an area which is highly conserved and identical in humans and mice.


Volition company initially worked with a polyclonal but with the specificity problems that this entails. After several unsuccessful attempts to obtain a monoclonal antibody directed against this methylated lysine in mice and rabbits, Volition then entrusted this work to Synabs to try to obtain a monoclonal in rat species.



Final obtained rat mAbs make the difference between methylated and non-methylated lysine on histone DNA. An immuno-assay has been consequently developed under NuQ brand and is now marketed.


NuQ immuno-assay


(HRP reporter in green, profiling antibody in light purple, nucleosome in colours and capture antibody in dark purple/white).

Volition case study SynAbs
Custom generation of rat mAbs anti-PTM histone H3 DNA
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" We chose to launch one ‘hard’ program with SynAbs in order to develop an anti-PTM antibody. Indeed, there is no existing available monoclonal antibody for that given modification as of today. 


We are delighted with the collaboration with Synabs! We got a purified antibody with a high specificity to the very methyl group ! 


They know what they are talking about and have considerable experience with antibody production. They are also very flexible and the communication flow is efficient as well.  As this program is a success, we will initiate new ones shortly " 


Gaetan Michel, VolitionRx, CEO