GPCR therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

C3a and C5a anaphylatoxin receptors, therapeutic GPCR targets of the complement system
SYnAbs unique therapeutic effector monoclonal antibodies targeting anaphylatoxin C3aR and C5aR GPCR. Functional antibody targeting complex transmembrane proteins and G protein-coupled receptors.
Orphan GPCR and their untapped therapeutic potential: the next wave of antibody drug targets?
Untapped therapeutic potential of orphan GPCR and SYnAbs functional monoclonals anti-GPCR. Generation of new antibody therapeutics targeting orphan membrane receptors.

CC chemokine receptors: latest news on Beta chemokine receptor therapeutics
SYnabs generate therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against CC chemokine receptors thanks to modified peptides, DNA and cell immunization strategies
Chemokine receptors: a promising GPCR family to target?
SYnAbs develops anti-chemokine receptors monoclonal antibodies with therapeutic effect for Biotech and Pharma companies

How does GPCR move? Learn the dynamics of the seven-(pass)-transmembrane domain receptors
Molecular dynamics of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and unique monoclonal antibody effectors and binders targeting GPCR.
History of GPCR and GPCR antibodies
SYnabs develops anti-GPCR stereo-specific monoclonal antibodies for Pharma and biotech companies thanks to unique proprietary DNA and cell immunization technologies