Delivering unique therapeutic and R&D monoclonal antibodies against membrane receptors and haptens

SYnAbs generates innovative monoclonal antibodies against:

SYnAbs unique technologies (SYnDNA vector, SYnCell syngeneic cell, in-house adjuvant) coupled with its strong expertise in breaking immune tolerance in proprietary rat-LOU species, ensure the generation of high specificity and higher affinity antibodies, benefiting from natural in-vivo maturation and targeting epitopes that are difficult to express in their native and functionally active conformation.


The application of such technologies have led, among others, to the generation of SYnAbs anti-CD2 rat monoclonal Siplizumab (licensed to MedImmune, MEDI-507), and numerous other functional therapeutic antibodies like our LO-CD2bLO-TACT anti-CD25 and SYnCCR8, therapeutic mAb against hCCR8 GPCR.

Raising antibodies against difficult to express antigens

Generating antibodies against conformation sensitive targets thanks to proprietary DNA, conformational peptide and whole cell immunization technologies

>99% success rate for small and poor immunogenic antigens and highly homologous epitopes

Extreme specificity monoclonal antibodies

Higher affinity monoclonal antibodies

Access to multiple immune repertoires and benefiting from natural in-vivo maturation

Additional epitope recognition in proprietary rat-LOU

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Le Fonds européen de développement régional et la Wallonie investissent dans votre avenir.

MENAC - Modifications Epigénétiques des Nucléosomes Associés au Cancer


Le projet MENAC a pour objectif de développer de tests innovants non invasifs pour la détection précoce 

de différents types de cancers.


Ce projet réalisé en partenariat par les sociétés Volition et Synabs passe par la création d'anticorps monoclonaux 

et la mise au point de nouveaux immuno-essais diagnostiques et théranostiques.


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