Delivering unique monoclonal antibodies against difficult antigens and small molecules

SYnAbs' mission is to generate innovative antibodies against

poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens


Either as a custom service,

or as a catalog product,

you can benefit

from SYnAbs technologies

to get access to 

singular monoclonal antibodies.


In SYnAbs they trust

The benefits of SYnAbs unique technologies?

  • Extreme specificity monoclonal antibodies
  • Higher affinity binder monoclonal antibodies
  • >90% success rate for small, difficult and poor immunogenic antigens
  • Additional epitope recognition
  • High and stable producer clones
  • Access to multiple immune repertoires
  • Raising antibodies against difficult to express antigens
  • Generating antibodies against conformation sensitive targets thanks to DNA immunization

Innovative antibodies against small molecules

guinea pig anti-dihydrotestosterone

Uniqueness features:

  • Higher affinity compared to other species
  • Only mAb of guinea pig species on the market

Description: guinea pig anti-dihydrotestosterone

Class: monoclonal

Type: primary 

Host/Isotype : guinea pig


IgG2a kappa rat anti-VHH

 Uniqueness features:

  • Only reference that can detect the 7 families of VHH

Description: IgG2a kappa rat anti-VHH

Class: monoclonal

Type: secondary 

Host/Isotype : rat


IgG2b kappa rat anti-His tag (N-ter & C-ter)

Uniqueness features:

  • Reference validated on 17 different recombinant proteins
  • Detect both N-terminal & C-terminal sequences

Description: IgG2b kappa rat anti-His Tag

Class: monoclonal

Type: primary 

IgG1 rat anti-human IgG4

Uniqueness features:

  • No-cross reactivity with other human isotypes
  • No paratope hiding when labelled with HRP

Description: rat anti-human IgG4

Class: monoclonal

Type: secondary



IgG1 kappa rat anti-dinitrophenyl hapten

Uniqueness features: 

  • Best reference to detect DNP on DNA, RNA...
  • Advantageously replaces biotin-streptavidin
  • Best sales in USA

Description: IgG1 kappa rat anti-dinitrophenyl hapten

Class: monoclonal 

Type: primary, irrelevant



Where to meet SYnAbs in 2020?

Feb 3rd- Feb 6th

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Dubai, Emirates, Medlab

Evreux, France, Polepharma Biotesting Day

Strasbourg, France, Bioproduction Buzz4Bio 

Ghent, Belgium, Translational Immunology

Ghent, Belgium, Knowledge for Growth

San Diego, USA, BIO International Convention

Oxford, United Kingdom, Pivotal Scientific

Chicago, USA, AACC

Oxford, United Kingdom, HAH

Dusseldorf, Germany, MEDICA

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, BioWin Day


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