SYnAbs launches MYstik™, plug&play mouse isotyping kit

SYnAbs Mouse Immunoglobulin Easy Isotyping Kit or a.k.a. "MYstik™" provides a rapid and easy method (DOT technology) to characterize mouse monoclonal antibody isotypes in cell culture supernatants or purified antibodies preparations. This Plug&Play kit includes ready-to-use reagents necessary to analyze 24 samples in less than 1h30. Buffer solutions are color coded in order to simplify pipetting steps.


The method is based upon robust EIA enzyme immunoassay technique:  SYnAbs unique rat anti-mouse monoclonals are highly specific to each of the common light and heavy chains of mouse species and can discrimate between IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, IgM, IgA, IgE, kappa chain and lambda chain. Samples are placed on the strip without any predilution. If desired isotype mAb is present, it will bind to rat mAb by affinity. Note that only specific mAb and none the irrelevant molecules will bind. That counts for the specificity of the test. Second mAb is then added, this one conjugated with enzyme. Colorgenic enzyme substrate is added. The interaction between substrate and captured enzyme generates visible color or dot.

Our monoclonal antibody products

SynAbs has developed a catalog of more than 1,000 off-the-shelf references of rat and mice secondary monoclonal antibodies! 


Custom monoclonal antibody services

SynAbs starts with Why and explains the market gap and its unique solution to fill it!

SynAbs maximizes the success rate and the quality of the mAbs generated in rats, guinea pigs and mice. 


The rat monoclonal antibodies experts

SynAbs is specialist in rat immune system and has developed unique expertise in rat immunization schemes.

The benefits of our technology?

  1. Higher specificity
  2. Higher affinity
  3. Excellent results for small, difficult and poor immunogenic antigens
  4. Additional epitope recognition
  5. Access to the lymph nodes
  6. Rat Fc close to the human one
  7. Ideal for mice antigens

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