Anti-peptides antibodies


Peptides are molecules of choice for animal immunization thanks to the selection of appropriate epitopes.


SYnAbs has developed the know-how to design your peptides, synthesizes them and perform the coupling to BSA and KLH molecules before animal injection.



SYnAbs has been able to generate high affinity and specific monoclonal antibodies against a variety of peptides, including but not limited to:

  • peptides engage in osteoarthritis symptoms : 9 amino acid sequence which comes from the type II collagen,
  • peptides for the detection of the  pathological Platelet-Associated Antibodies (PAA) in the sera of adolescent and pediatric patients suffering from early-onset symptoms of schizophrenia.


ELISA kits have consequently been successfully developed allowing the analysis of patients sera and urine to help confirming diagnosis.



"Our project on joint health degradation biomarker was not on the right track and so we were considering a smart way to bounce back and forth. SynAbs was the solution. They’re highly specialized in mAb field, have proved to be a proactive provider, with high commitment to build a long-term partnership"


Yves Henrotin,

Founder of Artialis


"SYnAbs has done a tremendous job in customized generation of a monoclonal antibody thanks to their unique multi-species immunization approach. They generated the first worldwide monoclonal antibody against our confidential peptide. They also demonstrated great flexibility working with us and dealing with logistic aspects between our respective countries"


Tzvika Tzubery,

CSO of Neurogenic Ltd.