SYnAbs Quality Policy

Our Story, SYnAbs spin-off of UCL

Since its creation in September 2015, SYnAbs has perpetuated the catalog of monoclonal antibodies and derived products (immunoassays, immunoaffinity columns, ...), initially developed by Professor Bazin's team at University Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium. Starting with the world's first rat myeloma, this team was able to develop a vast catalog of primary antibodies, isotype controls and secondary monoclonals covering all isotype classes and subclasses of the mouse, rat and human species, which have made its international reputation since the 1980s.


SYnAbs is today the exclusive owner of the rat-LOU species, an animal capable of easily generating autoantibodies against extremely complex antigens (highly conserved targets, small peptides, post-translational modifications, transmembrane proteins, chemical molecules,...), of the rat-LOU myeloma IR-983 fusion partner cell line, and of the entire catalog of primary and secondary antibodies generated by UCL.



Our Mission, Delivering High Quality Antibodies since 1980

Our company has always placed the satisfaction of its customers, partners and employees at the center of its attention, within an evolving policy of Lean Process research from order to delivery. To guarantee the quality and traceability of the products developed by our experts, SYnAbs has set up a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, covering “the production and development of monoclonal antibodies”. 

SYnAbs ISO 9001:2015 certificate
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With this in mind, we have established protocols to define in particular:

  • Requirements of our customers (pharmaceutical, biotech, IVD companies, research establishments) in order to guarantee them high-level products and services, within the defined deadlines, through attentive listening, methodical commercial and scientific qualification of needs and expectations, analyzing the risks of failure and implementing contingency plans, deliveries that exceed our customers' expectations, through unfailing involvement and methodical traceability of their projects.
  • Work methods to guarantee non-contamination of installations and quality of delivered products
  • Necessary training to guarantee the appropriate level of expertise of our employees and the cross-fertilization skills of our production team,
  • R&D innovation, continuous improvement of our technologies and workflows,
  • Monitoring and maintenance methods for our equipment and measuring instruments.

SYnAbs prides itself on delivering the highest-performing products and services on the market, in terms of specificity, sensitivity, affinity and robustness. Many of our antibodies are validated in commercial diagnostic kits or are being used therapeutically in Phase 3 clinical trials. 


To this end, I am personally committed to providing all the support and resources necessary to ensure the implementation of our strategic vision, and to continuously improve our quality management system, our working techniques and the skills of our employees. May we create a strong societal mission that engages the stakeholders of our ecosystem and ensure the sustainability of SYnAbs beyond the present generation.


Julien Isoard, SYnAbs Chairman & CEO