Custom antibody development and production

SynAbs' fully custom monoclonal antibody generation service is a one-stop shop solution allowing the generation of high quality specific antibodies for in-vitro diagnostic, R&D and therapeutic purposes.

Antigen design and production

As a complete service, SynAbs is able to design, synthesize and conjugate antigens for use as immunogen for your monoclonal antibody development program. Using our in-house synthesis service, SynAbs will assist you with the selection of antigenic sections and the final peptide will be conjugated to a carrier protein to improve immunogenicity.

Rats & Guinea pigs immunization schedules

SynAbs offers variable immunization schedules and injection routes, and can potentially use special adjuvants depending on customer needs. Our expertise in the monitoring of antibody-mediated immune response is translated into recommendations prior to fusion step. Our customers are supplied with antiserum sample for screening purposes. If poor titres are obtained, we will re-boost the animal and take a further test samples. SynAbs maximizes the success rate and the quality of generated custom monoclonal antibody by applying parallel multi-species immunization strategy.

Fusion with proprietary myeloma cell lines

 SynAbs has generated its own proprietary fusion cell lines in order to offer only stable and high productivity homo-hybridoma. After the fusion, cells are dispensed in 96 well plates (between 10 to 20, depending on initial number of cells). About two weeks later, hybridoma clones begin to appear. When the cells are in confluence, the supernatant will be tested by ELISA immuno-assay.

Screening against target antigen and cloning

The supernatant of the positive clones will be immediately and regularly sent to your labs to be tested within a week by your own screening method. Your method can also be transferred to our labs at your convenience. 20 positives clones are kept and stored in nitrogen and each clone 3 vials and 10 ml of culture supernatant are prepared. The culture medium is composed by DMEM and FCS supplemented with HAT. After the clones' selection, the HAT is progressively eliminated. All your clones are isotyped and for chosen clones, a subcloning step by limit dilution is realized.

Antibodies production and purification

SynAbs cell culture services offer tissue culture based protocols in shake-flasks and roller bottles and can provide scale-up activities for large-scale manufacturing up to several grams. We also perform monoclonal antibodies purification and cell storage banking services.

Development of custom immunoassay

Along the years, SynAbs has developed a strong expertise in development of custom immunoassay and brings its expertise on the table for the optimization of your developed tests.

Humanization for therapeutic purposes

SynAbs has a particular know-how to offer CDR grafting performance, humanization technique whereby humanized antibody sequences are generated by selecting CDRs of the parental antibody.