Custom antibody development  against haptens and membrane receptors


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SYnAbs' custom monoclonal antibody generation service is a one-stop shop solution allowing the generation of high quality specific antibodies for in-vitro diagnostic, R&D and therapeutic purposes. We run dozens of projects per year with high success rate for the raising of anti-drug antibodies, surrogates antibodies, or therapeutics mAbs from antigen design to gram manufacturing.


More species. More challenged immune repertoires. More diversity.


Stop wasting time & money !


Maximizing the success rate and the quality of your generated monoclonal antibodies in mice, alpagas, and SYnabs proprietary rats-LOU with parallel multi-species approach. Rat-LOU is known to be a particularly good responder to small molecules.


The diversity of the natural in-vivo immune repertoire is the key to the generation of higher affinity unprecedented monoclonal antibodies.


In need of a humanized mouse model? SYnAbs can work with you to access the complete functional human antibody repertoire through Alloy Therapeutics' ATX-Gx platform.

Strategic immunizations. Variety of schedules and injection routes.


SYnabs has developed a variety of immunization types including chemical, peptide, proprietary SYnDNA immunization, SYnCell immunization, also with our in-house special adjuvant to boost the immune response. 


SYnAbs offers variable immunization schedules and injection routes to benefit from natural antibody maturity, while breaking immune tolerance for small molecules, peptides and low-immunogenic compounds


Thanks to smart antigen design strategies, SYnabs direct the immune response towards the most appropriate epitope. As a complete service, SYnAbs is able to design, synthesize and conjugate antigens for use as immunogen for your monoclonal antibody development program. 



Effective multiple screening.

SYnabs has developed unique capabilities to isolate rare B populations from both primary and  secondary lymphoid organs of the immune system. 


Applying screening to hundreds of millions of enriched antibody-secreting plasmocytes cells, SYnAbs selects the rare antibodies with the desired unique effector properties you are looking for. 


Neutralizing? inhibitor? agonist? antagonist? Make your choice.

Antibodies animal-free manufacturing.


SYnAbs cell culture services offer animal-free tissue culture based protocols in shake-flasks, spinners, CELLines, and FiberCell and provide scale-up activities for manufacturing up to several grams. We also perform monoclonal antibodies purification and cell storage banking services.

  • Serum-free adaptation
  • Up-stream & Down-Stream Processing development, manufacturing up to several grams
  • Flexible starting material : cells can be developed by SynAbs or provided by the customer
  • Extensive cell culture expertise 

A large panel of Down-Stream process steps :

  • Concentration Diafiltration, TFF
  • Affinity chromatography (protein A, G, specific & proprietary immuno-affinity),
  • Clearance solutions for endotoxins removal

A large panel of Quality Controls on your batch for in-vitro and in-vivo uses:

  • Aggregates (by SEC-HPLC)
  • Endotox testing 
  • Mycoplasma testing
  • Bioburden, sterility testing
  • Western-Blot
  • FACS
  • Kinetic features (Kd,Ka) by BLItz & Octet

Development of custom immunoassay



Over the years, SYnAbs has developed a strong expertise in development of custom immunoassay and brings its expertise on the table for the optimization of your developed tests.

Unique benefits working with SYnAbs

  • Unique success rate of 99%, securing a superior return on investment thanks to unique multi-species immunization approach and unique strategies
  • A large track record of more than 120 projects in the generation of innovative monoclonal antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens.
  • Strong and transparent international reputation. The SynAbs team encourages you to meet our clients they are our best sales persons.
  • A one-stop-shop solution, with dedicated experienced project manager: from animal housing to custom manufacturing up to several grams. 
  • Custom development and manufacturing capabilities coupled with off-the-shelf singular antibodies references: combined solutions that grow with your business
  • Quality environment covered by ISO : certification, SynAbs complies with high-quality standards. 
  • Financial tax reduction for French companies: Credit Impôt Recherche certification