SYnAbs and Univercells announce service agreement on biosimilar

SYnAbs and Univercells, two neighboring companies based in Gosselies, Belgium, today announce service deal signature. Under the terms of the agreement, SYnAbs will develop an immuno-assay in order to measure features of a biosimilar monoclonal antibody developed by Univercells.


Univercells is a technology company delivering novel biomanufacturing platforms, aiming at making biologics available & affordable to all. They’ve delivered a biosimilar version of a blockbuster monoclonal antibody and like to attest batch-to-batch variability and to confirm its biosimilarity compared to the original version.


Thanks to its anti-idiotype monoclonal antibody generation expertise, SYnAbs (https://www.synabs.be/) will develop a custom ELISA. The format of the immuno-assay will be sandwich-type enzyme immunoassay ELISA in which the biosimilar binds to the antigen on the microtiter plate and a biotinylated anti-idiotype antibody recognizes the complex. 


The recognized antigen can be produced in E.Coli expression system by RD-Biotech (https://www.rd-biotech.com/) - SYnAbs sister company, based in France – thanks to its fermentation capacities and know-how.


SYnAbs will determine the best conditions for the antibody pair and will optimize the different features of the assay, including but not limited to, the best suited ELISA plate, coating conditions, denaturing agents, antigen and antibody concentrations, and incubation time.


At the end of the process, Diaclone (https://www.diaclone.com/) - SYnAbs sister company, based in France - will then perform a bioassay efficacy testing in order to check the antibody activity on cells through EC50 measurement.


About SYnAbs


Founded in 2015, SYnAbs is a Belgium CRO that offers tailor-made solutions in monoclonal antibodies generation. SYnAbs' vision is to fill the gap in the marketplace for innovative antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens. Targeting lipids, peptides, neoepitopes, toxins, epigenetic modifications and polysaccharides, SYnAbs has developed a strong expertise in immunology to break immunotolerance in rat and guinea pig species to generate unique monoclonal antibodies of extreme specificity and higher affinity.. SYnAbs is part of mAb Expert group with sister companies RDBiotech, Diaclone and QVQ, gathering expertise for custom raise of monoclonal antibodies.