Technical breakthrough · 26. October 2020
SYnAbs has developed IL-1β monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays (ELISA and ELISpot kits) to help you monitor the immune responses to diverse infections, diagnose auto-inflammatory diseases, and simply get the best out of your inflammation research.
Technical breakthrough · 24. October 2020
SYnabs develops surrogate antibodies for preclinical evaluation of therapeutic antibody candidates in mouse, rat, and guinea pig species.

Technical breakthrough · 17. October 2020
Combining the appropriate antigen synthesis, the design of particular carrier linked at the perfect attachment site, its proprietary adjuvant and the access to lymph nodes, SYnabs has developed an expertise in the generation of high affinity IgG monoclonal antibodies against glycans.
Technical breakthrough · 06. October 2020
TRAIL and TRAIL receptors (tumor-necrosis-factor related apoptosis-inducing ligand) SYnabs unique antibodies

Technical breakthrough · 06. October 2020
SYnabs HEK cell culture to produce viral vectors and recombinant proteins
Technical breakthrough · 05. October 2020
SYnabs develops anti-GPCR stereo-specific monoclonal antibodies for Pharma and biotech companies thanks to unique proprietary DNA immunization technology

Technical breakthrough · 01. October 2020
SYnAbs - Innovative Antibodies & Biokit, A Werfen Company are proud to announce their success in the development of the best anti-valproic acid mAb of the market! This case study is a new proof of the high efficiency of #synabs technologies for the generation of antibodies against haptens. Many thanks for the trust and professionalism of the Werfen group.
Technical breakthrough · 28. September 2020
Synabs unique anti-KIAA1199, anti-CEMIP, anti-Hybid monoclonal antibody

Technical breakthrough · 23. September 2020
Synabs launches anti-pan-SERPin and anti-SERPinA monoclonal antibodies. 3,000 members. Complicated family reunions to organize. And unfortunately, not as famous as the Kardashians. Meet the SERPin family and SYnabs unique products.
Technical breakthrough · 10. August 2020
The microbiome is central to human health, and early-life gut microbiota has a profound implication on shaping our immune system, especially at the prenatal or neonatal stages. Since the discovery of the microbiome, many scientists have questioned both the mother-to-infant bacterial transmission process and microbiome evolution during the very first years of our lives. Is the prenatal or the postnatal period the most critical phase for the development of microbiota composition?

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