CCR8 Targeting: A Promising Strategy for Cancer Immunotherapy and Beyond
SYnAbs has developed therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to CCR8 biomarker to deplete Treg and block the internalization of CCL1-CCR8 as immunotherapy for oncology diseases
Unlocking the Potential of SYnAbs Monoclonal Antibodies Against MMP-9
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 19. September 2023
SYnabs monoclonal antibodies to metalloproteinases proMMP9 and activated MMP9 as diagnostic and therapeutic tools for immune diseases, neurological diseases and strokes

LO-MM SYnAbs rat-anti IgM mouse monoclonals
SYnAbs rat-LOU anti-mouse IgM to monitore immune primary isotypic response, in-vivo deplete B-cells & circulating IgM, and easily purify IgM isotype mouse monoclonal antibodies by immuno-affinity chromatography
Enhancing CRP Protein Detection with Monoclonal Antibodies: A Breakthrough in Inflammatory Disease Diagnostics
CRP is synthesized by the liver in response to several inflammatory cytokines and is a well-established biomarker of inflammation and infection. Elevated CRP levels are associated with several diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, infection, and cancer. SYnAbs Monoclonal antibodies offer several advantages for CRP diagnosis in a precision medicine context.

Unravel the Epigenetic Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Histone Modifications with SYnAbs Specific Monoclonal Antibodies
How epigenetic alterations on histones are strong biomarkers of disease evolution and how to target these post-translational modifications effectively with SYnAbs higher specific mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies
Decoding Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP): A Journey towards effective Therapeutic interventions
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 11. February 2023
Thanks to unique technologies to break immune tolerance, SYnAbs generate monoclonal antibodies to Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), extracellular proteinase enzymes involved in the degradation of the extracellular matrix.

Claudin and Occludin : potential of tetraspan transmembrane proteins of cell-cell tight junctions as antibody therapeutic targets
25. January 2023
SYnAbs generates R&D, surrogate and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies targeting occludin and claudin highly homologous transmembrane proteins
SYnAbs is awarded a major Horizon European grant for the generation of therapeutic antibodies on transmembrane targets and highly conserved soluble proteins
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 25. November 2022
Synabs announces a large Horizon European grant for the generation of therapeutic antibodies on transmembrane targets and highly conserved soluble proteins

Membrane Antibody Therapeutic Approach to Ion Channelopathies
SYnAbs' unique approach generating ultra-specific therapeutic monoclonals to ion channels and effectively treat channelopathies thanks to a unique antibody platform
SYnAbs launches unique anti-glucagon monoclonals
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 03. October 2022
SYnAbs monoclonals specific to glucagon without cross-reaction to GLP-1, Glicentin, Oxyntomodulin and Proglucagon, to diagnose diabetes and glucagonomas diseases

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