CD2, the missed opportunity for monoclonal antibody therapy?
SYnAbs unique therapeutic rat monoclonal antibodies targeting CD2 giving birth to Siplizumab and LO-CD2b for T cell depletion. Unique DNA, syngeneic cell immunization strategies to generate monoclonals against transmembrane proteins.
The end of animal use for antibody generation in Europe. Really ?
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 30. October 2021
Benefit from natural in-vivo maturation to get access to highly specific and high affinity rat monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use targeting transmembrane proteins GPCR, ion channels and other complex epitopes

Anti-CD25 therapeutic monoclonal antibody strategies
SYnabs unique anti-CD25 anti-IL2R therapeutic antibody has shown great promise in clinical trials. SYnAbs antagonist anti-IL2Ra/Tac depletes Tregs for GvHD and cancer treatments.
C3a and C5a anaphylatoxin receptors, therapeutic GPCR targets of the complement system
SYnAbs unique therapeutic effector monoclonal antibodies targeting anaphylatoxin C3aR and C5aR GPCR. Functional antibody targeting complex transmembrane proteins and G protein-coupled receptors.

Therapeutic targets of the complement system
The Complement System and its druggable targets by antibodies: C3aR, C5aR GPCR membrane receptors, C3, C4, C5 ligands
Monoclonal antibodies to human CD cell surface antigens
SYnAbs generates innovative functional monoclonals against clusters of differentiation markers, IgG superfamily, and C-type lectin-like receptors (CLRs). Discover how SYnAbs generate Siplizumab anti-human CD2a antibody and other transmembrane effector monoclonals.

Orphan GPCR and their untapped therapeutic potential: the next wave of antibody drug targets?
Untapped therapeutic potential of orphan GPCR and SYnAbs functional monoclonals anti-GPCR. Generation of new antibody therapeutics targeting orphan membrane receptors.
CC chemokine receptors: latest news on Beta chemokine receptor therapeutics
SYnabs generate therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against CC chemokine receptors thanks to modified peptides, DNA and cell immunization strategies

Chemokine receptors: a promising GPCR family to target?
SYnAbs develops anti-chemokine receptors monoclonal antibodies with therapeutic effect for Biotech and Pharma companies
Functional antibodies: B-cell depleting antibodies
To address all B cell depletion needs, SYnAbs has developed monoclonal antibody references, which exhibit the ability to deplete murine or rat B cells in vivo, providing a valuable research tool for its biotech and pharma partners.

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