Therapeutic trends of G protein-coupled receptor drugs as Antibody Drug Conjugates candidates
SYnAbs can help you develop therapeutic antibody-drug conjugates by specifically targeting transmembrane proteins using innovative proprietary technologies.
CX3CR1, GPCR CX3C chemokine receptor 1 (CX3CR1): transmembrane receptor of therapeutic interest?
SYnAbs discovers antibodies to transmembrane proteins including GPCR chemokine receptors thanks to unique peptide and cell immunization technologies

Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Potential of Adenosine Receptors: Targeting the Purinergic Pathway
SYnAbs develops therapeutic monoclonal antibodies with agonistic or antagonistic effects to highly homologous G Protein-Coupled Receptors transmembrane proteins
MARK & MARL SYnAbs mouse anti-rat light chain monoclonals
SYnAbs mouse anti-rat light chains to monitore immune isotypic response, quantify circulating rat therapeutic antibody candidates, and easily purify all rat isotypes without cross-binding to bovine serum immunoglobulins

LO-MG SYnAbs rat-anti IgG mouse monoclonals
Secondary monoclonal antibodies · 26. February 2022
SYnAbs rat anti-mouse IgG to monitore immune isotypic response to infections and vaccines, better comprehend B-cells & T-cells interactions and pathology-related mechanisms in transgenic mouse models
The therapeutic challenges of receptor tyrosine kinases
SYnAbs generates custom therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) thanks to proprietary technologies and unique expertise

The enigmatic subclass antibody, SYngular products from SYnAbs
Secondary monoclonal antibodies · 21. January 2022
SYnAbs unique highly specific anti-human IgG4 monoclonal antibodies without cross-reaction to the other human isotypes subclasses IgG1, IgG2, and IgG3.
SYnAbs innovative monoclonal antibodies targeting hemoglobinopathia diseases
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 13. January 2022
SYnAbs unique monoclonal antibodies are highly specific to hemoglobin mutations HbA, HbC, HbE, HbS, and pan-Hb to detect sickle cell disease.

CD2, the missed opportunity for monoclonal antibody therapy?
SYnAbs unique therapeutic rat monoclonal antibodies targeting CD2 giving birth to Siplizumab and LO-CD2b for T cell depletion. Unique DNA, syngeneic cell immunization strategies to generate monoclonals against transmembrane proteins.
The end of animal use for antibody generation in Europe. Really ?
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 30. October 2021
Benefit from natural in-vivo maturation to get access to highly specific and high affinity rat monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use targeting transmembrane proteins GPCR, ion channels and other complex epitopes

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