Technical breakthrough

Anti-drug antibody generation :  How to take advantage of immunogenicity  and effectively monitor your therapeutic drug
Technical breakthrough · 20. February 2021
SYnabs generate anti-drug antibodies for small molecules and therapeutic antibodies. Paratope-specific anti-idiotype antibodies, non-inhibitory anti-idiotype antibodies, or drug-target complex binders generation.
How do ion channels work?
Technical breakthrough · 25. January 2021
SYnAbs develops therapeutic effector monoclonal antibodies against ion channel transmembrane proteins thanks to DNA and cell immunization technologies

A brief history of the discovery of ion channels
Technical breakthrough · 11. January 2021
From Galvani' spark to the three-dimensional structure of ion channels, learn the fabulous history of unique transmembrane proteins
Technical breakthrough · 14. December 2020
Molecular dynamics of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and unique monoclonal antibody effectors and binders targeting GPCR.

Technical breakthrough · 28. November 2020
SYnAbs unique anti-androstanolone (anti-DHT) monoclonal antibodies of a pg sensitivity level and no cross-reactivity to free testosterone
Technical breakthrough · 14. November 2020
SYnAbs develops immuno-affinity columns to purify rat, mouse antibodies in serum culture conditions with high specificity and develops custom immuno-affinity columns on demand

Technical breakthrough · 06. November 2020
SYnAbs offers recombinant polyclonal antibodies production, oligoclonal and multiclonal antibody cocktails
Technical breakthrough · 26. October 2020
SYnAbs has developed IL-1β monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays (ELISA and ELISpot kits) to help you monitor the immune responses to diverse infections, diagnose auto-inflammatory diseases, and simply get the best out of your inflammation research.

Technical breakthrough · 24. October 2020
SYnabs develops surrogate antibodies for preclinical evaluation of therapeutic antibody candidates in mouse, rat, and guinea pig species.
Technical breakthrough · 17. October 2020
Combining the appropriate antigen synthesis, the design of particular carrier linked at the perfect attachment site, its proprietary adjuvant and the access to lymph nodes, SYnabs has developed an expertise in the generation of high affinity IgG monoclonal antibodies against glycans.

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