Technical breakthrough

Technical breakthrough · 19. February 2020
Many articles about antibodies refer to the term “humanization”. But what does humanization mean? What technical approaches are used to carry out such a process? What are the potential applications?
Technical breakthrough · 14. February 2020
They are sometimes qualified as an antagonist, sometimes as an agonist. Sometimes named inductive, sometimes repressive, sometimes blocking, or sometimes neutralizing. But always called antibodies. Have you ever guessed what it was about? Yes, that’s them, the biologically active antibodies.

Technical breakthrough · 10. February 2020
Not a week goes by without a scientific article dealing with the microbiota. And we often hear that understanding the microbiota is explaining our illnesses. But what is exactly the microbiota and how does it influence our condition? An introduction to our inner forest or what is more commonly called our second brain...
Technical breakthrough · 04. February 2020
A monoclonal antibody that can detect His tag on ANY protein. Is it really possible?

Technical breakthrough · 30. January 2020
The most common and potentially severe toxicity for bispecific antibodies and adoptive T-cell therapies (e.g. CAR-modified T-cell) is CRS.
Technical breakthrough · 16. January 2020
DNP is an excellent alternative to biotin for use in applications requiring biotin-free systems. Probes or antibodies labeled with DNP can be detected using the SYnAbs anti-DNP antibodies.

Technical breakthrough · 05. December 2019
Anti-human IgG4 rat monoclonal antibodies
Technical breakthrough · 25. November 2019
Hybridoma technology VS Phage display technology to create a new monoclonal antibody of high affinity

Technical breakthrough · 14. November 2019
SYnAbs developed high sensitive anti-mycotoxins monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, lateral flow and preparative immuno-affinity columns applications.
Technical breakthrough · 29. October 2019
Expression of small anti-microbial proteins and the in vitro evaluation of their efficacy. Collaboration on microbiome between Smaltis & mAbexperts.

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