New primary monoclonal antibodies

SYnAbs innovative monoclonal antibodies targeting hemoglobinopathia diseases
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 13. January 2022
SYnAbs unique monoclonal antibodies are highly specific to hemoglobin mutations HbA, HbC, HbE, HbS, and pan-Hb to detect sickle cell disease.
The end of animal use for antibody generation in Europe. Really ?
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 30. October 2021
Benefit from natural in-vivo maturation to get access to highly specific and high affinity rat monoclonal antibodies for therapeutic use targeting transmembrane proteins GPCR, ion channels and other complex epitopes

New primary monoclonal antibodies · 26. October 2020
SYnAbs has developed IL-1β monoclonal antibodies and immunoassays (ELISA and ELISpot kits) to help you monitor the immune responses to diverse infections, diagnose auto-inflammatory diseases, and simply get the best out of your inflammation research.
Surrogate Antibodies & Therapeutic Monoclonals: Humans Mimicking Animals
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 24. October 2020
SYnabs develops surrogate antibodies for preclinical evaluation of therapeutic antibody candidates in mouse, rat, and guinea pig species.

New primary monoclonal antibodies · 28. September 2020
Synabs unique anti-KIAA1199, anti-CEMIP, anti-Hybid monoclonal antibody
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 23. September 2020
Synabs launches anti-pan-SERPin and anti-SERPinA monoclonal antibodies. 3,000 members. Complicated family reunions to organize. And unfortunately, not as famous as the Kardashians. Meet the SERPin family and SYnabs unique products.

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) is a small and single strand DNA virus. In 1960, this non-enveloped entity was accidentally discovered in adenovirus culture. It was before we understood that AAV requires the presence of another "helper" virus in order to propagate. This family was named as “Dependovirus genus”.
Not One Monoclonal But Two mAbs can detect ANY PROTEIN!
New primary monoclonal antibodies · 04. February 2020
SYnAbs unique anti-His tag monoclonal antibodies for detection of any recombinant protein. Primary antibodies.

Replacing in-vivo by an in-vitro test? Rabies mAb example
Anti-rabies monoclonal antibody for potency testing of vaccines: replacing in-vivo test by in-vitro assay