Technical breakthrough

Technical breakthrough · 16. January 2020
DNP is an excellent alternative to biotin for use in applications requiring biotin-free systems. Probes or antibodies labeled with DNP can be detected using the SYnAbs anti-DNP antibodies.
Technical breakthrough · 05. December 2019
Anti-human IgG4 rat monoclonal antibodies

Technical breakthrough · 25. November 2019
Hybridoma technology VS Phage display technology to create a new monoclonal antibody of high affinity
Technical breakthrough · 14. November 2019
SYnAbs developed high sensitive anti-mycotoxins monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, lateral flow and preparative immuno-affinity columns applications.

Technical breakthrough · 29. October 2019
Expression of small anti-microbial proteins and the in vitro evaluation of their efficacy. Collaboration on microbiome between Smaltis & mAbexperts.
Technical breakthrough · 23. October 2019
At Diaclone, we measure KD using the SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) technology and the Octet instrument. This technique can help you to rank your antibodies but also to better understand the performance of your antibodies. But what is Kd? How does SPR work?

Technical breakthrough · 18. October 2019
Many Advantages of Rat monoclonal antibodies. Small molecules, secondary antibodies anti-isotypes, sandwich immunoassay.
Technical breakthrough · 02. October 2019
Anti-human IgG4 monoclonal antibodies: new SYngular products from SYnAbs

Technical breakthrough · 25. September 2019
SYnAbs unique anti-DNP monoclonal antibodies of higher performance
Technical breakthrough · 18. September 2019
Secondary antibodies: most frequently asked questions

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