Technical breakthrough

Technical breakthrough · 27. April 2019
Cell-adhesion molecules (CAMs) antibodies: cadherin antibodies, selection antibodies, integrin antibodies, Ig-like CAM
Technical breakthrough · 20. April 2019
SYnAbs and Univercells announce strategic agreement on biosimilar. Anti-idiotype generation, custom immuno-assay development & validation.

Technical breakthrough · 16. April 2019
Limits of immunization site against poor immunogenic antigen targets Gold standard in immunization procedures in animal Intraperitoneal (IP) and intravenous (IV) injections are well-established immunization procedures for raising mouse antibodies, and are considered as gold standard. But in the particular case of poor immunogenic compounds or haptens (like peptides, polysaccharides, lipids, small molecules…), traditional strategies can fail to generate large panels of mAbs and finally get a...
Technical breakthrough · 12. April 2019
Anti-rabies monoclonal antibody for potency testing of vaccines: replacing in-vivo test by in-vitro assay

Technical breakthrough · 11. March 2019
SYnAbs generates custom monoclonal antibodies against synthetic peptide to early diagnose schizophrenia mental disorder
Technical breakthrough · 28. January 2019
Production of guinea pig monoclonal antibody directed against a steroid hormone and its binding study thanks to Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging technology

Technical breakthrough · 15. January 2019
Hemoglobinopathia are diseases associated with a genetic abnormality of hemoglobin, blood protein used to transport oxygen. Hemoglobin is found basically inside red blood cells (erythrocytes), which gives them their red color. Human hemoglobin consists of four identical chains : - two α chains - two β chains Each of these channels is associated with a prosthetic grouping called heme. The name of hemoglobin comes from two words: heme and globin, symbolized by "Hb". The alpha and beta genes of...
Technical breakthrough · 28. November 2018
Anti-His tag & anti-guinea pigs monoclonal antibodies

Technical breakthrough · 24. January 2018
Want to discriminate class and subclass isotype of your mAb in a fast and efficient way? Choose SYnAbs mouse isotyping kit!
Technical breakthrough · 14. December 2017
One-stop-shop solution: from complete CAR-T cell design to anti-CAR-T monoclonal antibodies generation!

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