Technical breakthrough

Technical breakthrough · 05. May 2020
With more than 3,000,000 cases and 200,000 deaths, and after three months of worldwide outbreak, scientists keep on learning about COVID-19 every day. How can people be positively diagnosed twice to COVID? Are serological diagnostic tests 100% reliable? Which part of the population is more likely to be infected? Let’s review the latest updates on what we know about this challenging virus, and the on-going assay developments.
Technical breakthrough · 03. April 2020
How to effectively monitor the humoral immune response to coronavirus infection. Secondary antibodies anti-human of great specificity and affinity.

Technical breakthrough · 31. March 2020
The different therapeutic strategies being developed to tackle COVID-19 disease
Technical breakthrough · 17. March 2020
With 85 molecules under development and 3 approvals to date, it seems that bispecific antibodies may be the novel therapeutic booming class on the market. Beyond the mechanistic advantages, bsAbs offer the possibility to combine in one single molecule the potential of two different antibodies without the related cost of two parallel development programs. But with the victory, comes the flip side of the coin. In fact, a pretty ancient coin.

Technical breakthrough · 02. March 2020
We’d like to come back to the origins of rat-LOU species. Time to discover the top facts about rat monoclonal antibodies.
Technical breakthrough · 25. February 2020
It is well known that the development of therapeutic molecules is a risky and highly expensive business in terms of direct and indirect costs (time and cost of capital).

Technical breakthrough · 19. February 2020
Many articles about antibodies refer to the term “humanization”. But what does humanization mean? What technical approaches are used to carry out such a process? What are the potential applications?
Technical breakthrough · 14. February 2020
They are sometimes qualified as an antagonist, sometimes as an agonist. Sometimes named inductive, sometimes repressive, sometimes blocking, or sometimes neutralizing. But always called antibodies. Have you ever guessed what it was about? Yes, that’s them, the biologically active antibodies.

Technical breakthrough · 10. February 2020
Not a week goes by without a scientific article dealing with the microbiota. And we often hear that understanding the microbiota is explaining our illnesses. But what is exactly the microbiota and how does it influence our condition? An introduction to our inner forest or what is more commonly called our second brain...
Technical breakthrough · 04. February 2020
A monoclonal antibody that can detect His tag on ANY protein. Is it really possible?

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