Ion channel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

Membrane Antibody Therapeutic Approach to Ion Channelopathies
SYnAbs' unique approach generating ultra-specific therapeutic monoclonals to ion channels and effectively treat channelopathies thanks to a unique antibody platform
Glutamate transporter : a brief history of excitatory amino acid transmembrane proteins
SYnAbs has developed R&D and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against transporters and ion channel such as glutamate EAAT transmembrane targets thanks to peptide and syngeneic cell immunization strategies

How do ion channels work?
SYnAbs develops therapeutic effector monoclonal antibodies against ion channel transmembrane proteins thanks to DNA and cell immunization technologies
A brief history of the discovery of ion channels
From Galvani' spark to the three-dimensional structure of ion channels, learn the fabulous history of unique transmembrane proteins