Anti-small molecule hapten antibodies

TACA, promising oncology targets?
SYnAbs develops therapeutic IgG antibodies highly specific to carbohydrates by combining unique technologies and expertise to break immune tolerance in rat-LOU and transgenic animal species
Bald & Bearded : the DHT effect
SYnAbs unique anti-dihydrotestosterone (anti-DHT) monoclonal antibodies of a pg sensitivity level and no cross-reactivity to free testosterone

Glycan & anti-glycan : the rise of glycobiology
Combining the appropriate antigen synthesis, the design of particular carrier linked at the perfect attachment site, its proprietary adjuvant and the access to plasmocytes of lymph nodes and bone marrow, SYnabs has developed an expertise in the generation of high affinity IgG monoclonal antibodies against glycans.
Unique anti-valproic acid monoclonals
SYnAbs - Innovative Antibodies & Biokit, A Werfen Company are proud to announce their success in the development of the best anti-valproic acid mAb of the market! This case study is a new proof of the high efficiency of #synabs technologies for the generation of antibodies against haptens. Many thanks for the trust and professionalism of the Werfen group.

In accordance with FDA, can a biotinylated mAb be replaced by a DNP marked mAb?
DNP is an excellent alternative to biotin for use in applications requiring biotin-free systems. Probes or antibodies labeled with DNP can be detected using the SYnAbs anti-DNP monoclonal antibodies.
Mycotoxins: the reign of terror
SYnAbs developed high sensitive anti-mycotoxins monoclonal antibodies for ELISA, lateral flow and preparative immuno-affinity columns applications.

Three Letters You Should Be Aware Of
SYnAbs unique anti-DNP monoclonal antibodies of higher performance. DNP is a small molecule detected by innovative SYnAbs monoclonals and that replaces biotin-streptavidin detection mode.
Neurogenic and SYnAbs deal for schizophrenia detection
SYnAbs generates custom monoclonal antibodies against small synthetic peptides to early diagnose schizophrenia mental disorder

Production of guinea pig monoclonal antibody directed against a steroid hormone and its binding study thanks to Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging technology
The small molecule detection challenge : the aflatoxin case study
Custom generation of higher affinity rat monoclonal antibodies against aflatoxins