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mAbs targeting membrane antigens and small molecules

Innovative mAbs against poor immunogenic compounds and complex antigens


SYnAbs was founded in 2015 as a Belgian spin-off of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), based on the work of Prof. Hervé Bazin, the inventor of the world's first rat myeloma cell line.


SYnAbs' vision is to fill the gap on the marketplace for innovative monoclonal antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds and complex homologous antigens. Targeting transmembrane proteins (GPCRs, ion channels, transporters), steroids, small molecules, toxins, lipids and polysaccharides (on fungi and bacteria), SYnAbs has developed a strong expertise in immunology to break immunotolerance in rat-LOU species to generate unique monoclonal antibodies of extreme specificity and higher affinity.


Custom generation & manufacturing of therapeutic, R&D and surrogates antibodies


In order to address the challenge of raising innovative monoclonals against haptens and membrane proteins, SYnAbs has developed a set of technologies, combining :


  • Innovative antigen design via proprietary assets such as SYnDNA vector, SYnCell syngeneic cell lines and in-house adjuvant
  • Multi-species immunization in proprietary rat-LOU species, wild type, Knock-out and multiple transgenic species including ATX-Gx transgenic mouse platform
  • Strategic immunization to break immune tolerance and trigger specific epitopes
  • Selection and isolation of rare B cell populations.


Our technologies ensure the generation of high specificity and greater affinity antibodies, benefiting from natural in-vivo maturation and targeting antigens that are difficult to express in native and functionally active conformation.


The unique expertise of SYnAbs team has allow us to generate unique monoclonal antibodies on the marketplace, bringing added value in the fields of cancer immunotherapy, endocrinology and auto-immune diseases. You'll find here a few examples.


Rat anti-human CD2 Siplizumab (LO-CD2a/BTI-322)

Unique features: Functional rat human anti-CD2 that shows in vitro and in vivo immunosuppressive properties and induces T-cell depletion resulting partially from an antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) mediated by NK cells


Application: Therapeutic, licensed to Medimmune

Description: IgG2a rat human anti-CD2

Class: monoclonal

Type: tailor-made for third party

Host/Isotype : rat


Mouse anti-human chemokine receptor

Unique features: Functional mouse anti-GPCR 

Application: Therapeutic

Description: IgG1 mouse anti-chemokine receptor

Class: monoclonal

Type: tailor-made for third party

Host/Isotype : mouse


Rat anti-Valproic acid hapten

Unique features: Best sensitivity of the market

Application: Anti-Drug Antibody

Description: IgG2a kappa rat anti-valproic acid

Class: monoclonal

Type: tailor-made for third party

Host/Isotype : rat


Rat anti-galactomannan

Unique features: one of the rare anti-glycan IgG on the market

Application: In-Vitro Diagnostic

Description: rat anti-galactomannan

Class: monoclonal

Type: tailor-made for third party

Host/Isotype : rat


IgG2b kappa rat anti-His tag (N-ter & C-ter)

Unique features:

  • Reference validated on 17 different recombinant proteins
  • Detect both N-terminal & C-terminal sequences

Description: IgG2b kappa rat anti-His Tag

Class: monoclonal

Type: SYnAbs primary 

IgG1 rat anti-human IgG4

Unique features:

  • No-cross reactivity with other human isotypes
  • No paratope hiding when labelled with HRP

Description: rat anti-human IgG4

Class: monoclonal

Type: SYnAbs secondary



IgG1 kappa rat anti-dinitrophenyl hapten

Unique features: 

  • Best reference to detect DNP on DNA, RNA...
  • Replaces advantageously biotin-streptavidin
  • Best sales in USA

Description: IgG1 kappa rat anti-dinitrophenyl hapten

Class: monoclonal 

Type: primary, irrelevant


Innovative primary monoclonal antibodies


As part of custom services, SynAbs is developing unique off-the-shelf references.


SynAbs catalog of monoclonals antibodies include:

Large catalogue of secondary antibodies


SYnAbs SA is involved in the production of rat monoclonal antibodies, serving Biotech, Pharma and In-Vitro Diagnostic companies with a large catalogue of secondary monoclonal antibodies (more than a hundred secondary anti-immunoglobulins) and unique primary monoclonal antibodies that has gained strong international recognition.


Thanks to its scientists and unique technologies, SynAbs offer a one-stop-shop portfolio of services, covering the antigen synthesis and the hapten-carriers chemistry, DNA and cell immunization, up to the custom generation and manufacturing of gram levels of these mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies.


This unique multi-species immunisation platform enables SynAbs to increase the probability getting the unique monoclonal you’re looking for, and therefore maximizes the success rate of our clients !