Rat Monoclonal Antibodies

When you perform intraperitoneal injection of hapten in mouse, 30% of the time your project is going to fail. Due to poor immunogenic properties and low molecular weight, your antigen is going to be eliminated in animal urine without generating any humoral immune response. That's why we've created SynAbs in the first place.


The custom generation and manufacturing of rat monoclonals is mastered by the SynAbs team since several years, as demonstrated by our 100+ references catalog. The specific and proprietary rat developed and used by SynAbs, the Rat-LOU, is excellent for generating antibodies against small and poor immunogenic molecules including antibiotics, toxins, peptides, steroids, lipids, chemical entities and polysaccharides.


The Rat-LOU also gives excellent results against murine antigens and rat antibodies can be paired with existing antibodies in ELISA sandwich assays.


Last but not least, the generated antibodies are at least as stable and productive than the mouse ones, due to our proprietary rat IR fusion cell line, generating very stable fully rat (rat x rat) hybridoma’s.

Benefits of rat monoclonal antibodies

1. Higher sensitivity monoclonal antibodies

2. Antibodies of higher affinity for the antigen

3. Excellent outcomes, especially for small and poor immunogenic antigens

4. Additional epitope recognition

5. Access to lymph nodes and an unique immune response

6. Rat antibody Fc very close to human one

7. Rat antibodies are perfect for mouse antigens