Technical breakthrough · 18. September 2019
Secondary antibodies: most frequently asked questions
Organic growth · 18. September 2019
mAbexperts, the gathering of SYnAbs, QVQ, RD-Biotech, Diaclone & Smaltis companies would like to present you its new corporate logo! #antibodies #mabexperts

Technical breakthrough · 16. September 2019
SYnAbs generates antibodies for epigenetic applications
Distribution agreement · 07. August 2019
SYnAbs enters in India thanks to OSBIndia distribution agreement for singular antibodies.

04. July 2019
Happy independence day to all our US friends on the behalf of SYnAbs team! #synabs #antibodies #usa
Technical breakthrough · 02. July 2019
SYnAbs one-stop-shop offer: complete CAR-VHH-T design and manufacturing for immunotherapy

26. June 2019
Checklist to make the best choice choosing antibody supplier
Congress · 25. June 2019
SYnAbs and mAbexperts team are present at Pivotal Scientific congress in Oxford to discuss synergies in antibody space.

Technical breakthrough · 10. June 2019
Anti-VHH monoclonal antibodies for the detection, quantification, and purification of camelid antibodies
Technical breakthrough · 08. June 2019
Anti-guinea pig antibodies to boost your research on infetious diseases

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