Organic growth · 28. August 2018
SYnAbs is proud to announce ISO 9001:2015 certification! One more step one the path of excellence in antibodies services and products!
Congress · 04. August 2018
SYnAbs in USA, attending AACC Chicago congress!

Distribution agreement · 27. July 2018
SYnAbs presence in China through Dakewe Biotech Co. Strong partnership to address monoclonal antibodies field.
Organic growth · 25. June 2018
Pour faire face à une demande grandissante et afin d’accélérer sa croissance, SYnAbs cherche aujourd’hui à élargir son équipe avec de nouveaux employés à fort potentiel. SYnAbs est une société d’innovation en biotechnologie qui a développé une expertise dans la génération d’anticorps monoclonaux uniques à partir des espèces animales de rat et de cochon d’Inde. Née à la fin 2015, et fort d’une expérience éprouvée en culture cellulaire et purification, SYnAbs a...

Congress · 19. June 2018
SYnAbs was present in Oxford, UK, attending the 10th anniversary of Pivotal Scientific team!
Congress · 06. February 2018
SYnAbs has presented its one-stop-shop offer in CAR-T from CAR design to anti-ScFv generation!

Congress · 01. February 2018
SYnAbs attended Innovation for Health congress in Rotterdam, Netherlands to promote custom mAb generation services in rat and guinea pig species to obtain monoclonal antibodies of higher affinity and better specificity against difficult targets
Technical breakthrough · 24. January 2018
Want to discriminate class and subclass isotype of your mAb in a fast and efficient way? Choose SYnAbs mouse isotyping kit!

Distribution agreement · 24. January 2018
SynAbs inks agreement with SKLM as new distributor for its unique catalogue of monoclonal antibodies in Morocco
Distribution agreement · 17. January 2018
SynAbs inks agreement with Theranostica as new distributor for its unique catalogue of monoclonal antibodies in Israël

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