Technical breakthrough · 14. December 2017
One-stop-shop solution: from complete CAR-T cell design to anti-CAR-T monoclonal antibodies generation!
Organic growth · 27. November 2017
SynAbs in L'Echo: from UCL to Singapore, a success story in monoclonal antibodies field

Congress · 20. November 2017
SynAbs attended Medica congress in Germany to meet In-Vitro Diagnostic players for monoclonal antibodies discussions
Distribution agreement · 24. October 2017
SynAbs inks distribution agreement for custom secondary antibodies of rats and guinea pigs in Singapore

Organic growth · 05. September 2017
SynAbs widens both technical and business teams to sustain organic growth in custom monoclonal antibodies generation services
Congress · 21. June 2017
SynAbs has been welcome to Pivotal Scientific community and has presented its recent achievements in custom monoclonal antibody generation against oncology biomarkers

Organic growth · 01. June 2017
SynAbs moves to Gosselies Biopark in order to strengthen relationships with players active in immunology, cell therapy and immunohistochemistry providing mAb custom generation, and unique off-the-shelf portfolio of ELISpot, ELISA, anti-CD monoclonal antibodies
Congress · 24. May 2017
SynAbs attended BioMed congress in Israël to investigate Tel-Aviv booming biotechnology sector and needs in custom monoclonal antibodies of higher affinity and specificity

Congress · 18. May 2017
SynAbs attended K4G event to expose its portfolio of rat secondary monoclonal antibodies targeting mouse, rat, human and anti-species repertoires
Congress · 10. May 2017
SynAbs has been welcomed by WBC to expose its unique development strategy in rat and guinea pig monoclonal antibodies for biotech and IVD players

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