SYnAbs is awarded a major Horizon European grant for the generation of therapeutic antibodies on transmembrane targets and highly conserved soluble proteins


SYnAbs is delighted and at the same time pleasantly surprised to announce that our project has been approved by the European Innovation Council. In fact, out of nearly 900 proposals, only 57 projects were selected, so the competition was tough, to say the least!


The quality of the dossier, the strength of our partners in this consortium, and SYnAbs' unique platform for generating monoclonals against soluble targets and complex cell receptors made the difference. 


This is another opportunity for SYnAbs to demonstrate the effectiveness of its antibody generation platform on very difficult antigens. Starting January 2023, and for a five-year period, SYnAbs will develop therapeutic antibodies against several selected extracellular and membrane proteins in the context of exacerbated inflammatory responses for a particular disease. All these very promising targets remain confidential.


The project will also be the opportunity for SYnAbs to compare its antibodies in their naked version and in their coupled forms (such as antibody drug conjugates, a.k.a ADC). We will experience for the first time the production phase of GMP-grade clinical batches of our antibodies, after testing them in pre-clinical in-vivo animal trials. 


The consortium brings together different organizations who will bring their expertise to achieve the project's objectives in synergy: the University of Hull, FIDIS, Lincbiotech, and SYnAbs. 


This achievement would not have been possible without the intense work developed by all the teams of our collaborators and we thank them again.