SYnAbs and Belgian Volition ink strategic agreement on epigenetics


SYnabs and Belgian Volition SRL are proud to announce the signature of a strategic collaborative agreement. As part of this ambitious 28-months project supported with funding from the Walloon Region, the two Walloon companies have planned the generation of innovative Nu.Q® immunoassays, targeting 16 new epigenetic biomarkers.


Within this consortium, Volition will identify the biomarkers of interest - epigenetic modifications of histones and DNA, histone variants or proteins associated with nucleosomes - and combine them to increase the sensitivity and clinical specificity of its non-invasive Nu.Q® assays.


SYnAbs' proprietary immunization and rat immune tolerance disruption technologies will allow the generation of highly specific monoclonal antibodies against epigenetic modifications on circulating nucleosomes.


The combined expertise of the two companies will result in the precise quantification of these biomarkers to ensure the early diagnosis and monitoring of the efficacy of oncology treatments, in both humans and animals.


The project will be co-financed by European and Walloon Region funds through a COOTECH type consortium agreement.


Julien Isoard, CEO of SYnAbs, says: “I’m delighted to strengthen our relationship with Belgian Volition and to build on the remarkable results we already achieved together on previous projects. The objectives are ambitious, and we know that SYnAbs has always made the difference in the raising of such high-value monoclonal antibodies. The team is eager to take up the challenge!”


Marielle Herzog, R&D Director of Belgian Volition comments: “We are excited to yet again broaden our Nu.Q® immunoassay portfolio by working with SynAbs. This collaboration will greatly assist with the development of novel, high sensitivity assays and ultimately a panel for a regulatory trial in the different clinical applications of our Nucleosomics™ platform.”



About Volition:


Volition is a multi-national epigenetics company developing simple, easy to use, cost effective blood tests to help diagnose a range of cancers and other diseases. Early diagnosis has the potential to not only prolong the life of patients, but also to improve their quality of life. The tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics™, which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream or other bodily fluid - an indication that disease is present. Volition is primarily focused on human diagnostics but also has a subsidiary focused on animal diagnostics.


Volition's research and development activities are centered in Belgium, with additional offices in Texas, London and Singapore, as the company focuses on bringing its diagnostic products to market. Nucleosomics™ is a trademark and/or service mark of VolitionRx Limited and its subsidiaries.


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About SYnabs:


SYnAbs' mission is to generate innovative antibodies against poor immunogenic compounds (steroids, small molecules, carbohydrates, epigenetic modifications) and complex antigens


(GPCR, ion channels, toxins, transporters). Either as a custom service, or as a catalog product, SYnAbs partners get access to unique diagnostic & therapeutic monoclonal antibodies thanks to singular technologies and expertise. 


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SYnAbs inks strategic agreement with Volition on epigenetics
SYnAbs and Volition develop unique monoclonal antibodies and immuno-assays against histones modifications and proteins associated to nucleosomes for innovative theranostic tools
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