SynAbs brings rats to antibody market

Antibodies have become a cornerstone of modern research and in vitro diagnostics, generating yearly revenues close to 2 billion dollars. Most of these are produced in mice, despite some significant intrinsic limitations of mouse antibodies. Belgian spin-off company SynAbs now presents a highly interesting alternative: rat antibodies. By shifting from mouse antibodies to rat antibodies, many new advantages can be exploited to make antibody technology even better.


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Our Antibody products

SynAbs proposes a catalog of more than 100 rat and mice monoclonal antibodies.

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Custom Antibody Services

SynAbs maximizes the success rate and the quality of the mAbs generated in rats and mice. >> more about our technology


The Rat mAbs experts

SynAbs is a dedicated Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Center.

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The benefits of our technology?

  1. Higher specificity
  2. Higher affinity
  3. Excellent results, even for small and difficult antigens
  4. Additional epitope recognition
  5. Access to the lymph nodes
  6. Rat Fc close to the human one
  7. Ideal for mice antigens

Our agenda

When ?

25-29 April

26 May

30-31 May





Where ?

Boston, USA, PEGS

Ghent, BE, Value for Growth, Booth 88

Aachen, DE, Biomedica