Guinea pig monoclonal antibodies : a new promising tool for R&D, IVD and therapeutics

Monoclonal antibodies development has been limited for a long time to only two species : mice and rats. However, the immune systems of mice and rats are not the most suitable in terms of humoral response to certain antigens, such as human antigens like glucagon. Indeed, the protein sequence of glucagon is the same in mice, rats and human (fig. 1). Small not immunogenic antigens, such as antibiotics or toxins, generally failed to trigger an immune response in such species. This is why some companies have developed fusion cell lines to

generate monoclonal antibodies in rabbit (Abcam-Epitomics) or in sheep (Bioventix). However, these two tools are not totally satisfactory whether in terms of cost, stability or productivity.

SynAbs has therefore opted to develop its own myeloma cell line to manufacture guinea pig monoclonal antibodies and offer more efficient investigation tools for researchers.

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The small molecule detection challenge : the aflatoxin case study

Aflatoxins are a worldwide health problem as many as 5 billion persons may be exposed. Children are particularly affected by aflatoxin exposure, which leads to stunted growth, delayed development, liver damage and liver cancer. Adults have a higher tolerance but are also at risk. Aflatoxins have a negative economic impact on agriculture through reduced marketing options for crops and adverse health effects on livestock. Losses due to aflatoxins annually cost $ 900 million in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand alone.

The single experiment conducted by SynAbs does not allow to definitely conclude than the rat is better than the mouse to obtain high affinity mAbs against small molecules. However, at several occasions SynAbs successfully obtained excellent rat mAbs against various small molecules such as phosphorylated or methylated peptides, dinitrophenol, antibiotics, etc. These multiple observations could at least suggest to systematically use both rat and mouse to increase the probability to obtain high affinity mAbs to small molecules.

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Our Antibody products

SynAbs proposes a catalog of more than 100 rat and mice monoclonal antibodies.

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Custom Antibody Services

SynAbs maximizes the success rate and the quality of the mAbs generated in rats and mice. >> more about our technology


The Rat mAbs experts

SynAbs is a dedicated Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Center.

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The benefits of our technology?

  1. Higher specificity
  2. Higher affinity
  3. Excellent results, even for small and difficult antigens
  4. Additional epitope recognition
  5. Access to the lymph nodes
  6. Rat Fc close to the human one
  7. Ideal for mice antigens

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