Membrane functional antibodies : depleting, blocking, neutralizing, agonist and antagonist

Therapeutic targets of the complement system
The Complement System and its druggable targets by antibodies: C3aR, C5aR GPCR membrane receptors, C3, C4, C5 ligands
Monoclonal antibodies to human CD cell surface antigens
SYnAbs generates innovative functional monoclonals against clusters of differentiation markers, IgG superfamily, and C-type lectin-like receptors (CLRs). Discover how SYnAbs generate Siplizumab anti-human CD2 antibody and other transmembrane effector monoclonals.

Functional antibodies: B-cell depleting antibodies
To address all B cell depletion needs, SYnAbs has developed monoclonal antibody references, which exhibit the ability to deplete murine or rat B cells in vivo, providing a valuable research tool for its biotech and pharma partners.
Surrogate Antibodies & Therapeutic Monoclonals: Humans Mimicking Animals
SYnabs develops surrogate antibodies for preclinical evaluation of therapeutic antibody candidates in mouse, rat, and guinea pig species.

TRAIL, the new Grail?
TRAIL and TRAIL receptors (tumor-necrosis-factor related apoptosis-inducing ligand) SYnabs unique antibodies
IL1RAP, a new biomarker of interest for cancer targeting
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"Anta"​, "Block"​, "Neutra"​...but Who Are They?
They are sometimes qualified as an antagonist, sometimes as an agonist. Sometimes named inductive, sometimes repressive, sometimes blocking, or sometimes neutralizing. But always called antibodies. Have you ever guessed what it was about? Yes, that’s them, the biologically active antibodies.
SYnabs generates Cell-adhesion molecules (CAMs) antibodies: cadherin antibodies, selection antibodies, integrin antibodies, Ig-like CAM

Why DNA immunization is still necessary?
SYnabs DNA immunization for the generation of antibodies against conformative epitopes, GPCR, expensive and difficult-to-produce antigens, toxic proteins