Therapeutic Treg depleting CCR8 - GPCR chemokine receptor - antibodies

hCCR8 expression on HuT-78 cell line

  • In black : GAM AF488. Mean Fluorescence 3300
  • In red:  mAb Biolegend + GAM AF488. Mean Fluorescence 13700
  • In blue:  SynCCR8 + GAM AF488. Mean Fluorescence 48300 

Affinity comparison between BioLegend anti-CCR8 and SYnAbs MA-CCR8 on HuT-78

  • In blue: SynAbs anti-CCR8 antibody
  • In red: BioLegend anti-CCR8 antibody
  • Labelling: Biolegend or SynCCR8 + GAM AF488

Blocking of MA-CCR8 on CCL1 binding on HuT-78

  • In black: negative control mean fluorescence 2600
  • In red: CCL1 AF647 mean fluorescence 5900
  • In brown: MA-CCR8 + CCL1 AF647 mean fluorescence 2700