Therapeutic blocking C3aR - GPCR anaphylatoxin receptor - antibodies

hC3aR expression on the immunocompetent rat cell line

  • In black: non transfected rat cell line with a mean fluorescence of 4400
  • In red: stably transfected rat cell line with a mean fluorescence of 563000
  • Labelling: anti hC3ar Biolegend + GAM AF488


Affinity comparison between BioLegend anti-C3aR and SYnAbs LO-C3aR on U2O

  • In blue: SynAbs anti-C3aR antibody
  • In red: BioLegend anti-C3aR antibody
  • Labelling: Biolegend or SynC3aR+ GAM AF647

Blocking capacity of SynC3aR on C3a binding on

  • In blue: C3a AF647 50 ng/ml with mean fluorescence 66000
  • In red: C3a AF647 50 ng/ml  + Synabs C3aR 833 ng/ml with mean Fluorescence 8800
  • In green: CCL1 AF647 50 ng/ml with mean fluorescence 1800


Inhibition curve of C3a-AF647 at various concentrations binding on USO2-C3aR

  • Maximum mean fluorescence (without SynC3aR) was 66000.
  • The maximal inhibition is reached, mean fluorescence 8800 at [SynC3aR]= 833 ng/ml,
  • The minimal labelling ( i.e; with CCL1-AF487) is at mean fluorescence = 1800.
  • At [SynC3aR]= 833 ng/ml, the inhibition rate is 89%