Rat anti-guinea pig antibodies

A secondary monoclonal antibody binds with a primary antibody that is directly attached to the target antigen. Secondary monoclonal antibodies are more sensitive and flexible in labeling and detection and can be used for:

  • ELISA,
  • IH
  • IC,
  • cryosection.

SYnAbs developed two rat monoclonal antibodies targeting Kappa light chain and heavy chain of guinea pig Ig. Our anti-guinea pig secondary antibodies are affinity-purified monoclonal antibodies with well-characterized specificity for guinea pig immunoglobulin classes.  

They are available in rat species and in the following formats:

  • Unlabeled antibodies
  • Enzyme conjugates (alkaline phosphatase (AP) or horseradish peroxidase (HRP))
  • Fluorescent conjugates (Alexa Fluor, DyLight, Fluorescein (FITC), etc.)
  • Biotin

rat anti-guinea pig light chain



Description: rat anti-guinea pig light chain

Class: monoclonal

Type: secondary 

Antigen: guinea pig light chain

Host/Isotype : rat


LO-GpK-1 SYnAbs Data Sheet
rat anti-guinea pig light chain LO-GpK-1 SYnAbs data sheet
Data Sheet LO-GpK-1.pdf
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rat anti-guinea pig heavy chain



Description: rat anti-guinea pig heavy chain

Class: monoclonal

Type: secondary 

Antigen: guinea pig heavy chain

Host/Isotype : rat