mAb Starter, crowdfunding pre-order platform

Custom generation of mAbs at lowest price possible!


You have a need for a particular monoclonal antibody but you don't want to pay too much for it?

You just want to order a few mgrs and don't request the intellectual property nor the direct access on the generated hybridoma?


mAb starter is definitely the tool you're looking for!


You'll first submit your project proposal to SynAbs staff, which will review it according to our guidelines. If your project is retained, you'll be able to share it with your friends in order to reach presale milestone as fast as possible. For each colleague you refer to us, you'll receive a discount of 5% on your presale order!


Once you've reached presale milestone, SynAbs team will generate the hybridoma cell line and launch production of mAb. This mAb will be then added to our catalog.


Quantity of desired mAb, purified by immuno-affinity Related price HVAT
 0,1 mg  800€
 0,5 mg  1.200€
 1 mg  2.000€

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