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Partners for one-stop-shop mAb solution

SYnAbs is part of Biotech Investissement group, gathering entities such diverse and complimentary as:

  • RD-Biotech (part of the Biotech Investissement group), a service provider to biomedical research and life sciences, has gained solid experience in the last ten years in the in vitro production of monoclonal antibodies. In 2009, RD-Biotech bought up BioMérieux's MRC-5 cell production unit, which still makes RD-Biotech the only French supplier of these cells to hospital virology laboratories.
  • Diaclone, a recognised specialist in monoclonal antibodies (immunology, inflammation) and the ELISA and ELISpot kits. As well as its catalogue products, Diaclone sells its antibodies in bulk (range of 200 specificities and around 500 hybridomas) to many customers involved in in vitro diagnostics and pharmaceutical research. The group's aim is to grow in the monoclonal antibody market by taking participating interests in or acquiring companies with complementary expertise to that of RD-Biotech and Diaclone.
  • QVQ, which provides extensive expertise in each step of VHH-development, ranging from immunization, selection and screening to GMP production. QVQ also sells high quality VHHs directed against various bacteria, fungi, viruses and human targets in cancer, age related diseases and infectious diseases.

CONTACT: Philippe Dulieu, CEO

www.rd-biotech.com / www.diaclone.com

Louvain Catholic University (UCL) and CHEX

Founded in Louvain (Belgium) in 1425, Louvain Catholic University (UCL) is one of Europe's oldest universities. It offers around one hundred courses to more than 29,000 students from 120 countries. Every day, UCL's research, both fundamental and applied, involves more than 2000 researchers, responsible and passionate men and women.  It confirms that investment in research is still vital for the country's socio-economic and cultural development.

CHEX is UCL's Experimental Surgery and Transplantation Unit, headed by Professor Gianello; it concentrates on studying physiopathological problems related to the practice of visceral surgery and developing new therapies involving technical developments in surgery and new basic knowledge.

Development of antibacterial monoclonal antibodies for detection tests.

CONTACT : Professor Gianello 


The Louvain Technology Transfer Office (LTTO), comprising Sopartec and UCL's Research Department (ADRE), covers the entire technology transfer process: funding research contracts, identifying inventions in laboratories, protecting and managing intellectual property, technological readiness and commercialisation (by means of licences and/or spin-offs).  More specifically, SOPARTEC coordinates the management of licence agreements and the technological readiness of UCL's spin-off projects.  More than 70 spin-offs, now generating more than 2,000 jobs, have been set up based fully or partly on the results of research conducted at UCL.  These include, in particular, Ion Beam Application (IBA), IRIS Group, IBT, Telemis, Viridaxis, Promethera, GreenWatt, Keemotion, Iteos Therapeutics, DelfMEMS, Novadip Biosciences, SmartNodes, etc.



Biotech Coaching SA is an incubator (known commercially as WBC Incubator) whose aim is to develop innovative, competitive and sustainable life science companies in Wallonia.

WBC Incubator helps to organise and build up scientific and technological projects using a set of generic and specific support tools that cover primarily management and funding-related aspects as well as the prototyping, production and commercialisation stages. 

CONTACT : Serge Pampfer