Meet with mAbs experts

A larger team of stronger expertise engages SYNgular developments in mABS markets

Didier Argentin

Chief Executive Officer / Board member

+32 470 89 56 18


Didier has an engineering and master degrees in chemistry and biology.

In 1992, he joined Van Der Eyden, Belgian distributor active in scientific instrumentation and rapidly evolved as Sales Manager of Business Unit focused on inorganic analysis. In 2002, he joined CMO 4C Biotech, and evolved as Business Director of Henogen after M&A operation. In 2010, he co-founded MaSTherCell and RevaTis, two companies active in cell therapy area. 

Yannick Nizet

Chief Scientific Officer / Board member

+ 32 71 37 48 80


Yannick has a Ph.D. and he's professor in immunology. He's famously known for its work with Pr. Bazin, the inventor of rat myeloma cell line in the 80's. Yannick published different patents regarding monoclonal antibody and isolation of micro-organisms. 

In 2017, Yannick created the first worldwide guinea pig myeloma cell line. 

Julien Isoard

Business Director /

Board member

+32 483 74 39 04


Julien has a M.Sc. in biotechnology and a M.S. in management of bio-industries. He was Business Director of Henogen, before becoming Market Manager of Novasep Group. In 2012, he set-up the business department of clinical CRO ImmuneHealth, finally sold to Caprion Biosciences. Julien has then implemented the business strategies of CER Group, AmplyCell, Spectralys, MaSTherCell, ImmunXperts and many other players. He founded Brasserie Saint Lazare and Freelance Biotech.