Meet with mAbs experts

A larger team of stronger expertise engages SYNgular developments in mABS markets

Didier Argentin

Chief Executive Officer / Cofounder

+32 470 89 56 18


Fabrizio Giannotta

Tech Transfer Director


Benoît Ligot

Distribution Manager, APAC


Corinne Lecuivre

 Up-Stream Process Director

Yannick Nizet

 Chief Scientific Officer / Cofounder

+ 32 71 37 48 80


Joël Henneghien

Market Director,

Netherlands & North Europe


Olivier Raimond

Distribution Manager, APAC


Céline Delforge

Head of Administration

Julien Isoard

Business & Marketing Director

+32 483 74 39 04


Cédric Volanti

Strategic Marketing Advisor

Bertrand Coissac

Distribution Manager, Shanghaï area


Malory Couchot

 Down-Stream Process Director