Smaltis & mAbexperts partnership

The MuFoPAM Research Group (Multifunction of Antimicrobial Peptides - GDR 3625) brings together fifty French research teams affiliated with the CNRS, INRA, INSERM, MNHN, Universities, CEA, etc.


As part of its annual days, which took place in Besançon (France) under the supervision of Dr Katy Jeannot (CNR Antibiotic Resistance), mAbexperts and Smaltis presented their expertise, especially related to "the expression of small anti-microbial proteins and the in vitro evaluation of their efficacy".


A new example of the perfect complementarity of expertise within mAbexperts group, with Smaltis providing its know-how in microbiology and its services related to microbiota and the fight against antibio-resistance, and mAbexperts contributing its skills for the expression of recombinant proteins.


For more information: info@mabexperts.com.


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