SYnAbs: the launch of 3 innovative rat mAbs

SYnAbs - the singular CRO active in the generation of unique monoclonal antibodies from rat and guinea pig species - is proud to announce the launch of three innovative rat monoclonal antibodies :


-      SYnAbs developed a rat monoclonal antibody targeting Kappa light chain of guinea pig species.


-      SYnAbs developed a rat monoclonal antibody targeting the Heavy chain of guinea pig species.


Our anti-guinea pig secondary antibodies are affinity-purified monoclonal antibodies (on SYnAbs proprietary MARK reference) with well-characterized specificity for guinea pig immunoglobulin classes. 


So far, only three different clones were available on the market, and they’re all from mouse species. Monoclonal antibodies from rat species already made a name for themselves, offering more immune possibilities and a better specificity for the target.


-      SYnAbs developed a rat monoclonal antibody targeting N-terminal and C-terminal parts of histidine tag.


A poly-histidine tag is an amino acid motif in consisting of several histidine residues, inserted either at the N- or C-terminus of the protein. It is frequently used for :

  • purification by IMAC affinity chromatography of proteins produced in E.Coli expression system,
  • protein-protein interactions,
  • fluorescent dyes to follow the circulation of specific proteins.

All SYnAbs references are now available globally as off-the-shelf products and can be provided unconjugated, conjugated to enzymes, fluorescent conjugates or biotin on demand.